always freeze me uh huh up


hi friends! we are going to melbourne soon. come and hang out with us! we need vocal participation, contemporary dancers and vegan pride la panella expeditions.

if you think you can handle it

let’s hold hands and fall in love with music again*


quantum cunx tour

so we have 2 shows in melbourne:

ladyfest rock marathon part 2

saturday 21st @The Workers Club (Old Rob Roy) 51 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, 5pm

$15 (full) / $12 (concession)

Partyline (USA – feat. Allison Wolfe fr Bratmobile)+ Bracode (Syd) + Valentiine + Babymachine (Wollz) +The Thaw +The Spills (Wollz) + Liquor Snatch +Elise & Jem +Molasses!

[ladyfest goes from wed 18th til sun 22nd, so everyone should try and attend the other workshops and shows!! go here for  more info]

elise&jem / truth from facts / anna vo / the thaw

sunday 22nd @ el joyero cafe (923 high street, thornbury), 2pm – 6pm

coffee and vegan bbq!!

wow we are playing with shithot bands. will you come? we’ll be the 3 dorks up the front practicing dance moves we learnt on youtube.


* i saw magic dirt at the annandale the other night and it was the most amazing thing i have seen in a gazillion years. i cried when they opened with babycakes!!!!! it was so noisy and intense and brutal and inspiring. i am bursting just thinkin about it (stop thinkin about it, stop thinkin about it) //gush gush gush swoon swoon swoon youtubing clips all night//. anyone who isn’t feeling me on this needs to go and get educated about magic dirt. that’s it. ok


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dear newcastle, we’ve missed you!


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ahoy august (show on friday 21st only)

the amazing anna vo has organised two awesome shows this august (19th & 21st)… i want more ‘a’ alliteration alligators!

there’s gonna be several collaborations between bands on both nights so prepare for some aural symbiosis.

we’re only playing the friday 21st show… details are down there… in the murky waters below

august show

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show tonight!!

sorry about the late notice…


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cows explode if we don’t milk them**

** educate yourself before you talk smack – check this link.




we have a show this month and your attendance would be appreciated, acknowledged, treasured. you would be listened to. you wouldn’t leave cynical and bitter. you would feel peaceful and/or g-d. maybe you’ll smile to yourself as you walk to the train station.~

here’s deets for somethin neat:

animal-rights-section-of-the-library fundraiser *

there aren’t enough books about animal lib in the jura library. obviously, it will be ballin’ as after this fundraiser.

// friday 10th july

// with earthlings and more!!

// jura library (440 parramatta rd, petersham)

// $8 – $12 donation

// may involve undulating otter dance moves


~ wow… sometimes i even weird myself out

* yep, cos we’re so eloquent we get bored of elegant forms and go out of our way to construct clunky bad shit

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coming at you with the big stick, and the quicksand, the spinning circle, and the pouring of the shame

useless children

don’t ask why beheaded monozygotic twin men have been chosen as visual accompaniment to the information.

that’s it, the stray kittens are calling me,



this is not actually a farewell for paint it black. go and buy some cds from them, otherwise there may be a farewell show sometime in the not too distant future. there’s an economic crisis and all, y’know!

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art is us!

big ups to dancers at friday night’s show.

also, thanks to luka for this drawing:

the thaw in black and white

we shall play some more shows soon. end of june i believe. check the page for deets!

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