We’re pretty mouthy broads and we really like having a chat between songs. This can be really positive, but sometimes people don’t fully understand the point we’re trying to make. Here’s some answers to questions we’re commonly asked:

Why don’t you play in pubs/clubs much?

In general, pubs and clubs just put on shows to make money from selling alcohol. They also exclude people who are under 18. Pubs often put restrictions on the amount of shows bands can play in a certain city around the time of a gig, and they generally take a large amount of the money off the door. We would rather utilise community spaces which are open to a more diverse range of people and keep show prices cheap.

Are you in a chick band?

No. We are a band of three individual musicians whose gender is defined as female by our society. Bands of men aren’t described as “boy bands” (unless they’re Boyzone or something) so please extend us the same courtesy.

Why are youse vegan?

We attempt to avoid using animal products as much as possible in our lives. This is because we don’t agree with the subjugation and exploitation of non-human animals for our benefit. Equally, we don’t agree with the exploitation of other humans to fuel the excessive lifestyles of the West. Technically, we lead “freegan” lifestyles, so look that up if you like.

Are you feminists?!?!? Why do you hate men?!?!?

Yes we are feminists. All this means is that we feel women and men deserve equal opportunities to flourish in life (e.g. equal pay for equal work, the right to walk down the street unhindered). If you believe that women and men, whilst different, should be essentially equal then you’re a feminist (or pro-feminist) too!

Feminists do NOT hate men. We hate macho cultures which discriminate against women, trans, queer and non-conforming men.

Why don’t you have t-shirts/patches/badges?

We honestly haven’t come up with a good design yet. Some people have made their own thaw shirts, badges and patches which is ace too!

What does the thaw sound like?

That’s a toughie! you can now listen to us (check the “music” section…). We have been variously described as “power-rock trio”, “post-art” and “thawsome”. Here’s what faster louder had to say about one of our shows:

The Magic Dirt has a long reputation of supporting local acts on tour. Tonight was no exception. Local trio The Thaw were given first bite of the cherry with a set of feedback drenched post-art aural landscapes. This unit unleashed for the most part brutal instrumentals interspersed with ethereal banshee wails. Although an acquired taste and not always sounding sweet to the ears, the passion and intent of the band was undeniable.

And what Grant had to say:

….and then we all walked off to watch the thaw, who kind of destroyed me, they were amazing and since then i have wanted to play a gig with them, the drummer asked everybody to put their smokes out “cause we like our lungs” and these kids were running around chasing this dog and the younger girl came and stood next to the drum kit, so they gave her a stick and she thrashed a cymbal all threw their next song. it was the rythm the thaw had, i think it’s a revolutionary thing to fuck with time signature, people sink into the beat and get comfortable to easy. when you move it around and fuck it up peoples thoughts come in bursts instead of drawls.

Make up your own mind :o)

Are you communists / anarchists / syndicalists / surrealists / post-modernist situationist gonadists?

No, no (but show affinity), no (but again, have affinity), i don’t think so and hell yeah! Hahaha

But seriously, we don’t find it useful to put labels on ourselves and our beliefs. Although this can be good for giving a general indication of a person’s ethics / beliefs / world-view, we are all complicated individuals whose thoughts can’t be neatly put into any one box.

Things we are VERY into: collective organising, ending hierarchy, fighting privilege, eliminating violence (especially that which comes from the state), opposing specism / sexism / racism / ageism / homophobia / transphobia / other manifestations of hierarchy, skills sharing, equitable (and sustainable) resource use and making vegan cakes.


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  • 1. Luke  |  February 11, 2008 at 11:57 am

    I like this page.

  • 2. thaws  |  February 11, 2008 at 9:55 pm

    thanks dear!

    feel free to submit other questions, which we may or may not answer :o)

    xxx trini thaw

  • 3. Luke  |  May 27, 2008 at 6:03 am

    To quote myself in a conversation from April 19 2008:

    “The Thaw are one of the most amazing bands I’ve ever seen/heard. Maybe I’m a little biased cos I’m friends with them all, but seriously, fucking amazing. Like, my heart jumped out of my mouth and ran around and kicked me in the chest which made me cry then jumped back in my chest pumping at 200bpm leaving me lying on the floor exhausted but content at the same time fucking amazing.”

  • 4. thaws  |  May 29, 2008 at 5:59 am

    wow thanks luca!! *does the new buffallo recovery step dance*
    xoxo steph

  • 5. Luke  |  June 30, 2008 at 11:13 pm

    Are you communists / anarchists / syndicalists / surrealists / post-modernist situationist gonadists?

  • 6. Luke  |  July 1, 2008 at 5:20 pm

    Haha! You answered the question I took from the Propagandhi FAQ.

    I reckon y’all show some affinty with “communist” ideas too. Well, left-communism if you wanna get picky with names.

    Communism/socialism as an economic system and anarchism as a political system!


  • 7. greg  |  July 12, 2008 at 8:36 am

    well hey……… they are all the questions i was going to ask…….. except… when can i get your cd in hmv? at a greatly inflated price of course??????? and when does your dvd of all your shows and stuff…. no seriously… i miss watching you guys and london is all crappy indie bands with no real ideas/ls….. yes… i dont like indie.

  • 8. Michael  |  July 14, 2008 at 6:32 pm

    Aren’t FAQs supposed to be questions you’re *frequently* asked?

    Also, isn’t it a bit inconsistent to begin by saying you’re feminists, then saying you reject political labels? And then saying how you’re anti-heirarchies (etc), which sounds suspiciously like a declaration of anarchist values?

    Finally: Why do you hate men? Is that why your chick band doesn’t let any men into it?

  • 9. thaws  |  July 16, 2008 at 6:52 pm

    hi micheal,

    here’s some answers to your words…

    We are frequently asked these questions, at shows and outside of shows. The last one was was kinda a joke, taken from the propagandhi faq. We like propagandhi. People also tend to assume we’re anarchists.

    We wrote that we “try” not to put labels on ourselves. This is because we feel that they cannot adequately represent the variety and depth of our beliefs. However, we do recognise that there are lots of labels commonly used in society and, when those labels are used to describe us, we rkn it’s important to clarify exactly what these labels mean to us and our understanding of their application. Thus, in the case of the feminist question, we feel that feminism and the liberation of humans from gender roles is an idea that is commonly misunderstood, and we are fairly comfortable at being referred to as feminists, when feminism is defined as we have described above.

    Further, whilst the opposition to hierarchy is a large part of many anarchist theories, it is not an idea exclusive to anarchism. If you read what we have written, we DO have an affinity with anarchist ideals and organising methods, and have said as much. Pedant.

    Lastly, we’re three friends who decided to make a band. So far, we haven’t needed any more people to satisfy the thaw’s musical ambitions. Steph and Trini also play in other bands with boys. Does this associated penis contingent make you feel better, Mike? I hope these answers were easy to understand, as your comprehension skills seem to be severely lacking on this occasion. Keep the questions coming people. We do prefer intelligent or funny ones though.

    x thawz

  • 10. thaws  |  July 16, 2008 at 9:58 pm

    hey greg
    we miss you and bow stacks! we’ll never be in HMV! email us your address and we’ll send ya our cd and the dvd 😛

    come back and give us gang tatts!

  • 11. Michael  |  July 22, 2008 at 1:10 am

    So, these are frequently asked questions, except for the ones you’re not frequently asked. Well, I guess it’s nice that you answer those ones too – though I guess plainly you’re not frequently asked for consistency (more on shortly). What about more universal faqs- those faqs other people are asked? Why don’t you have a section on them (What is the meaning of life? Ass or tits? and so on)?

    So – on consistency – you say you don’t like labels – then explain why this doesn’t apply to feminism. If you define feminism in a certain way, then you’re happy to say you’re down. Why doesn’t that apply to other shit – like, say, anarchism?

    Opposition to heirarchies – well, perhaps it’s not an idea unique to anarchism, but I think this is sort of how it could be defined (badly) in a sentence (perhaps better – opposition to heirarchical authorities?). Who else defines themselves in this manner? I suppose liberals oppose some authority (of the state, but liberalism by itself doesn’t always apply to other authorities, though it should). You could say liberating people from gender roles isn’t unique to feminism. If anything, it should flow from liberal and enlightenment values. In my limited (but increasing) feminist reading, I found a continuity from Wollstonecraft to radical libertarian feminists of today. Of course, Wollstonecraft was passionately committed to women becoming rational, so she’d probably find this website really disappointing.

    Also – why is it that you use the delicate and pretentious phrasing “whose gender is defined as female by our society” when it comes to your band – but when it comes to the other bands, they have “boys”? Not only that, but when you refer to their penises, you reduce them to certain gender parts, as well as gender roles. Aren’t they merely individuals whose genitals are defined as penises by society? And therefore penis wielders whose gender is defined by their genitals by society? (and further silly nonsense. See Life Of Brian for further ridicule on liberation from gender roles).

  • 12. thaws  |  August 26, 2008 at 9:56 pm

    hahaha oh dear. mike, we are completely astounded by how much absolute fucken smack you talk sometimes. you’ve got a gift, kid. here are some thoughts, offered in amusement (others, begrudgingly – we hate having to repeat ourselves):

    – we explained the faq bit, it’s creative license. we are asked these questions, the last one was phrased comically cos it was taken from one of our fave band’s faq. hahah obviously it matters a lot to you, mike. why be so anal? would it make you feel better if we renamed this section: frequently asked questions and other amusingly worded queries taxed from the propangandhi website? ah the internet brings out the worst in people sometimes, it’s sad.
    – define anarchism for us and we’ll have a go at boxing ourselves in. you can send us your thesis! hahaha
    – oh and how the wollstonecroft dig stung! may i tentatively propose that if she were alive, she’d have better things to do than come here and lament our lack of rationality? it was a cheap shot, and undeserved.
    – the penis reference in our reply was obviously us havin a go at you, being crude on purpose, etc. while we’re communicating in an atmosphere with delicate literary gems like “chick band”, you know…
    – you sound bored. why don’t you write me an email if you’ve got nothing better to do on the internetzz.

    finding comfort and sick satisfaction in delicate and pretentious phrasing,
    x steph (& thawz)

    ps: stop coming on our website and being a fucken asshole!

  • 13. Michael  |  September 7, 2008 at 12:25 am


    I think I might cause a heart attack and not make any fun of you (hm by now I think it’s just Steph reading this and writing me) this time. haha I wonder what the rest of the gang makes of all this. Steph knows me though, I do like talking smack.

    Anyways, when I can find the time and energy, I mean to edit my thesis, get it bound and give it in to Jura. So you can check it out there (and feel free to create a buzz about it to make me feel scholarly and important). Then you can decide whether you want to box yourself in or not. K? I’ve even got a section on the development of feminism from liberal feminism to anarcho-feminism, within a broader discussion of intellectual freedom.


    ps I thought it would be best not to reciprocate the “x”, cos I dunno how the rest of Thaw would feel about being offered a kiss. I’m all about respecting women and such.

  • 14. greg  |  September 9, 2008 at 11:10 am

    gang tats for sure.. except im all pro now…. so only good ones. gots any shows for the summer? i be back. yo. hold onto the merch coz i will collect from you personally…… my shemail is there too…… send me one.


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