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35 songs (mostly unreleased, some never played live) + nice things written by friends + pix + old flyers and other nostalgiabilia

The biggest thank you goes to Shaun tenzenmen who organised this whole thing, put it all together and made it happen. Sorry we took so long… it is in our nature to do so.

You can stream it or download it here. All monies go to Animal Liberation.


the thaw (stef, kath & kat) with the denim jackets aka strangers (kalem, murray, rhydian, rich & face) 

OHHH, also, there’s an extra song that we didn’t upload cos the quality was bad and the machines were being unhelpful, so it’s here. The recording was done in our jam room with a real piano so it’s 50x better than any time we ever played it live maybe. The song is about sexual assault. There were lyrics but this is an early version so it just has non-committal humming…

Thanks to all the people who are interested and who are saying nice things.

We had a blast playing in the thaw. We met so many great people and made lots of things we were proud of. Thanks to all our friends and all the people in DIY punk communities around Australia & NZ who encouraged us, inspired us, played shows with us or let us play in their DIY spaces, listened to us, bought our CDs & tapes and interviewed us for their zines. Thanks to all the amazing ladies we met who told us they were excited to see us on stage. Thanks for every lovely thing you said to us (or yelled at us) and all your lovely dancing.

Special thanks to Dev Bal & Luka Vitale for being our best supporting cast, Shaun for putting up with our indecision, the Scooter Collective for giving us our first shows and for always supporting us, Mike & Tim Soviet for giving us a chance and recording ‘Bruce Lee’, Jamil Khuri for recording ‘Con Klz’ and ‘When You Keep Secrets…’ and also special thanks to Anna Vo, Jem Witch, Lizzie Nagy, Alex Szorko, Dennis Eucalypt, Stono Caves, Magic Dirt (esp. Dean & Adz), godspeed you! black emperor, Propagandhi, math metal circa 1997-1999, Kathy’s aunty, mi goreng, dad’s screwdriver collection, the person who invented delay pedals & anyone else we have forgotten.

Lots of love,

Stef, Kath & Kat


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