” “

People have said really random, hilarious, awesome stuff to us at shows.

Here is a selection.

People have said really sweet things to us too, but we’ll keep those words to ourselves.


“I liked the song about the particle accelerator.”


This guy at our media club show in NZ: Do you guys like Tool?

Kat: Our guitarist really likes them.

Tool appreciater: Oh yeah I could tell.

Later on,

Steph: *jumps up and down and claps hands and tells everyone and is proud*


Outside of Iraq warehouse, Sydney: Your music reminds me of Coldplay.

Thaws: *nodding, confused expressions*

He continues: Just how the sections flow…

Thaws, later: What the hell? Our sections don’t flow! We don’t have any flow!


About Bruce Lee: Your cd made things fall off my shelves


Guy at the media club, NZ: I listened to an mp3 online, and I couldn’t tell you were girls…

Later on, we laughed about it with our friend Anna.

Anna: [adopts dude voice] Yeah man, like, I couldn’t hear your boobs getting in the way of playing your instruments.

Steph: Yeah like I couldn’t tell that your massive clitoris was affecting the tones in your feedback


Dean Dirt: Keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t change a thing. (us laughing) Don’t get better or worse just keep doing exactly what you’re doing.

Kat: Yeah just keep playing the same songs…
Dean: No, but you know what I mean…
Kat’s friend: Hey are you still in that band with the two sisters?
According to some men we met at the Oxford tavern in Wollongong ages ago:


  • Frank Zappa is watching us (such an undeserved compliment…)
  • Eric Clapton has played Steph’s guitar
  • Steph’s guitar has a name, she just don’t know it yet. there’s a man in Wollongong somewhere that does know, except he can’t tell her… Steph has to discover it for herself
  • We’re really strange because we didn’t sing until a few songs into our set
  • Old men like to hassle us because they’re “afraid of strong women onstage” and watching us “makes their small penises invert and turn into a clitoris” hahahhahaha brilliant!!! Thx Zek!

we love you Wollongong!

fuck you wordpress and your shitty formatting and can’t find the bloody font size button aargh

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