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35 songs (mostly unreleased, some never played live) + nice things written by friends + pix + old flyers and other nostalgiabilia

The biggest thank you goes to Shaun tenzenmen who organised this whole thing, put it all together and made it happen. Sorry we took so long… it is in our nature to do so.

You can stream it or download it here. All monies go to Animal Liberation.


the thaw (stef, kath & kat) with the denim jackets aka strangers (kalem, murray, rhydian, rich & face) 

OHHH, also, there’s an extra song that we didn’t upload cos the quality was bad and the machines were being unhelpful, so it’s here. The recording was done in our jam room with a real piano so it’s 50x better than any time we ever played it live maybe. The song is about sexual assault. There were lyrics but this is an early version so it just has non-committal humming…

Thanks to all the people who are interested and who are saying nice things.

We had a blast playing in the thaw. We met so many great people and made lots of things we were proud of. Thanks to all our friends and all the people in DIY punk communities around Australia & NZ who encouraged us, inspired us, played shows with us or let us play in their DIY spaces, listened to us, bought our CDs & tapes and interviewed us for their zines. Thanks to all the amazing ladies we met who told us they were excited to see us on stage. Thanks for every lovely thing you said to us (or yelled at us) and all your lovely dancing.

Special thanks to Dev Bal & Luka Vitale for being our best supporting cast, Shaun for putting up with our indecision, the Scooter Collective for giving us our first shows and for always supporting us, Mike & Tim Soviet for giving us a chance and recording ‘Bruce Lee’, Jamil Khuri for recording ‘Con Klz’ and ‘When You Keep Secrets…’ and also special thanks to Anna Vo, Jem Witch, Lizzie Nagy, Alex Szorko, Dennis Eucalypt, Stono Caves, Magic Dirt (esp. Dean & Adz), godspeed you! black emperor, Propagandhi, math metal circa 1997-1999, Kathy’s aunty, mi goreng, dad’s screwdriver collection, the person who invented delay pedals & anyone else we have forgotten.

Lots of love,

Stef, Kath & Kat

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cos i’ve been thinkin bout forever…


for the 2 people interested – we have nearly finished with our bandcamp. shaun tenzenmen has been politely annoying us for months. there will be 8 track jams, songs that we loved but could never play live, songs that we forgot about but were awesome, songs that really sucked (nah, we left them off).

i dunno what to say. by now it’s historical, maybe not relevant. but it feels nice to have it all there. there’s pictures, lyrics and extra stuff that we wanted to say about the song/recording/show. i don’t wanna say more cos saying more would probably make me too nostalgic or it would just be cheesy… or it would feel like someone died or something, and that would be too much for what it was haha.

we’ll let you know when it’s officially up and ready to download.

meanwhile, this is some of what we’ve been up to, in pictorial form:


kat’s latest, greatest band


stef hanging out upside down (jokes)


kath’s a law talking guy. the thought bubble was supposed to be about croissants… (jokes0rz)

someone give me a picture of kath, far out.

to finish off, here’s a pic from our first show at the annandale (note the goofy grins, dashboard confessional hoodie and epic hairiness):


dork faces

xoxo steffy

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beach house show

hi friends,

thawz are playing a show at evan’s house in newcastle! woot!!

there are 8  different acts playing (wow)  and it will be loads of fun!!! here’s deets:


(running order will be decided on the day via some kind of democratic chance method)

@ 15 Pacific St, Stockton

4pm sun 25th april

it’s free as well

thanks for organising this show evan!


April 18, 2010 at 2:00 pm 2 comments

what’s up

more love less hate more rain less heat more space less stuff bigger heart bigger beats

kat’s computer came back to life and is carrying the fire. two shows coming up soon

check it out:

princess 1.5 / girl most likely / the thaw / camille  @ red rattler

sat 20th feb, doors 3pm

will be cheap, as always

firewitch / nunchukka superfly / the thaw @ red rattler

sun 28th feb, doors 7pm


yeah, you read right, like you red, right?

firewitch make you dance all night

dance all night to the morning light

baybeh bay-beh you ain’t gotta fight

when it feels this good

you know shit is on point

and we gonna be aaight

that rnb spell rap is gonna make you come to the show

ima make like like fiona horne and ciara jigging around a fire doing some crazy fucking hoodoo booty dance

see yas there

x steph

February 8, 2010 at 7:20 pm 4 comments

summer arvo love-ins!

Saturday arvo show – hooray!

Come along to the Red Rattler for GUARANTEED fun times! Alicia will be spinning “eclectic” tunes on the decks all arvo, The Kill Room will delight with their witty lyrics and sweet beats, Street Chant have come across the waters from NZ to give us a dose of good old punk, and the Diamond Sea will charm and soothe with their indie-rock hooks! Plus, we shall be there making some noises and fighting computer thinking sounds heehee

Saturday 23rd January


@ The Red Rattler Theatre (6 Faversham St, Marrickvile)

Costs $8 or thereabouts.

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this week we’re playing the festival of difficult music! it’s happening all month! our friend anna is curating jan 10th and she asked us to play! we’re gonna do an improv set, there will be drums and guitars and three way vocals and hopefully it will be good? 😛

here’s deets! please come!

festival of difficult music, sunday jan 10th

monica, nadene and anna / kath kat and steph (thaws) / louise berlecky

aka insane night of all-lady improv. new formula! – all the twobble you love, without the cock! haha jokes.

up for it?

275 victoria rd, darlinghurst (sedition)

7pm – 9.30pm

hope to see you there,

x steph

ps: we hope everyone had nice end-of-year–>start-of-year times!!! i ate rice rolls and chocolate practically everyday and lay in bed reading comics. hurrah for the 2010 changeover! what are your new years resolutions?

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sunday. someday (next week)

oh this will be so so great! please come!!

wordpress refuses to make this flier bigger unless you click on it, grrr. so here are deets:

sunday 6th dec, 4pm

popolice / holy balm / thawz / dracopede / yellow fever / independent thought alarm

@ the red rattler (6 faversham st, marrickville)

should be cheap =)

yep, i typed the details in pastel pink to match with the flier, so that anyone without a bionic eye magnification device or totally on-point colour differentiation skillz will be failed by me on two accounts.

i remember in year 7 or 8 art class we did a test on colours and i didn’t study. we had to define black, and i vaguely remembered learning about black being special and how it was the absorption of light or something, so i wrote “black is when all light is absorbed, even the sun”. we had to trade papers to mark them and the guy who had my paper wasn’t sure if my answer was correct so he read it out to the whole class.

everyone laughed for ages at my answer, including me, cos i didn’t want to give myself away.

ah, the perfect segue to a signoff…

see you at the show?


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always freeze me uh huh up


hi friends! we are going to melbourne soon. come and hang out with us! we need vocal participation, contemporary dancers and vegan pride la panella expeditions.

if you think you can handle it

let’s hold hands and fall in love with music again*


quantum cunx tour

so we have 2 shows in melbourne:

ladyfest rock marathon part 2

saturday 21st @The Workers Club (Old Rob Roy) 51 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, 5pm

$15 (full) / $12 (concession)

Partyline (USA – feat. Allison Wolfe fr Bratmobile)+ Bracode (Syd) + Valentiine + Babymachine (Wollz) +The Thaw +The Spills (Wollz) + Liquor Snatch +Elise & Jem +Molasses!

[ladyfest goes from wed 18th til sun 22nd, so everyone should try and attend the other workshops and shows!! go here for  more info]

elise&jem / truth from facts / anna vo / the thaw

sunday 22nd @ el joyero cafe (923 high street, thornbury), 2pm – 6pm

coffee and vegan bbq!!

wow we are playing with shithot bands. will you come? we’ll be the 3 dorks up the front practicing dance moves we learnt on youtube.


* i saw magic dirt at the annandale the other night and it was the most amazing thing i have seen in a gazillion years. i cried when they opened with babycakes!!!!! it was so noisy and intense and brutal and inspiring. i am bursting just thinkin about it (stop thinkin about it, stop thinkin about it) //gush gush gush swoon swoon swoon youtubing clips all night//. anyone who isn’t feeling me on this needs to go and get educated about magic dirt. that’s it. ok

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dear newcastle, we’ve missed you!


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ahoy august (show on friday 21st only)

the amazing anna vo has organised two awesome shows this august (19th & 21st)… i want more ‘a’ alliteration alligators!

there’s gonna be several collaborations between bands on both nights so prepare for some aural symbiosis.

we’re only playing the friday 21st show… details are down there… in the murky waters below

august show

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